Website downtime stats that will blow your mind

We believe that data speaks volumes and that’s why we’ve put together the most shocking 7 stats that we’ve found from our uptime monitoring report. You have to see them to believe them! How many people experience website downtime If we had £1 for every time someone said that website downtime wasn’t going to affect

Google’s outage on the UK’s hottest da...

We’ve all heard the jokes about how us Brits can’t handle the hot weather but when the UK hit record highs in July this year, we have to admit that we really did struggle. No more so than our friends over at Google.  Google isn’t a stranger to the occasional outage and website downtime, after

Websites that have suffered downtime in July

You might have heard us say it before but downtime really does happen to any website, anywhere. Website downtime essentially doesn’t discriminate; it doesn’t matter if you’re a huge multi-billion dollar company or if you’re a start-up finding your feet in the online world. Downtime happens to the best of us.  So to really drive

All of your developer questions answered on Dark M...

What is forced dark mode? You’ll have heard of Dark Mode, a much-loved and ubiquitous type of theming for websites and applications that switches the page you’re looking at from a traditional white-background-dark-text theme to a darker background with lighter text. As it stands though, the availability of a dark mode theme is the responsibility

Front end development that adheres to Core Web Vit...

Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics that allow you to determine how fast, visually stable and responsive your site is. The front-end takes the bulk of the responsibility to make sure that your website is scoring highly in each of these metrics, so in this blog post I will outline what we should

Financial Impact of an Outage

In October 2021, the world’s largest social media platform suffered a massive worldwide outage affecting billions of customers. Facebook has a monthly active user base of 2.8 billion users, which increases to 3.5 billion when you include its subsidiaries such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus. The platform succumbed to a “Gigalapse,” which happens when a

5 websites that have experienced downtime in 2022

There’s a common myth that you may have heard – “only small companies’ websites go down”. This is a classic, especially since it couldn’t be more wrong. Thousands of websites go down, regardless of their size (or the size of their IT team for that), and even Google can, and has, suddenly experienced the dreaded

What you need to know about Google Analytics 3 and...

Google recently announced that the current Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics) will come to an end in July 2023 (now extended until October 2023) and they’ve encouraged all current users to start using the new GA4. Google Analytics 4 is the new version of the current GA reporting portal that current users have used to

How Status Pages can help you build better relatio...

Uptime monitoring. You keep hearing us talking about it and you know why it’s important, hey, you might even have a Scopify account. But do you know what to do if you do experience website downtime?  Let’s do a little quiz.  Your website has suffered two hours of downtime. Do you: Pretend it didn’t happen

How to: Comprehensive Monitoring for WordPress Sit...

It’s funny how even today, in 2022, people still ask me if WordPress is a good choice for a high-traffic website. There are few website-building solutions on the internet as tested as WordPress. And brands like TechCrunch and The New Yorker wouldn’t be hosted on WordPress if traffic was an issue. But here’s the thing:

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