The best brand reactions to website downtime

[ad_1] We have to admit that customers and brands alike are able to put a good spin on website downtime and social media managers are undoubtedly having all their Christmases arrive at once! We’ve found some of the most reactions to website downtime online, albeit the majority are from the notorious Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

8 things you can do right now to rank better in Go...

[ad_1] We all know it’s getting harder than ever to rank in Google, whether it’s for blogs or webpages, but all is not lost. There are some key elements that you should be focusing on on your webpages, for example, to ensure that you’re giving your website the best chances possible of ranking well. After

Get your customers more engaged with your SaaS pro...

[ad_1] One of the biggest challenges for SaaS companies isn’t only how to get customers to buy your SaaS product but how to keep them engaged with it. It may be surprising but just because someone has bought your product or service, it doesn’t mean they interact with it in the way that they should

Website downtime stats that will blow your mind

[ad_1] We believe that data speaks volumes and that’s why we’ve put together the most shocking 7 stats that we’ve found from our uptime monitoring report. You have to see them to believe them! How many people experience website downtime If we had £1 for every time someone said that website downtime wasn’t going to

Google’s outage on the UK’s hottest da...

[ad_1] We’ve all heard the jokes about how us Brits can’t handle the hot weather but when the UK hit record highs in July this year, we have to admit that we really did struggle. No more so than our friends over at Google.  Google isn’t a stranger to the occasional outage and website downtime,

Websites that have suffered downtime in July

[ad_1] You might have heard us say it before but downtime really does happen to any website, anywhere. Website downtime essentially doesn’t discriminate; it doesn’t matter if you’re a huge multi-billion dollar company or if you’re a start-up finding your feet in the online world. Downtime happens to the best of us.  So to really

All of your developer questions answered on Dark M...

[ad_1] What is forced dark mode? You’ll have heard of Dark Mode, a much-loved and ubiquitous type of theming for websites and applications that switches the page you’re looking at from a traditional white-background-dark-text theme to a darker background with lighter text. As it stands though, the availability of a dark mode theme is the