How Scopify’s Real User Monitoring Can Help Opti...

[ad_1] Enterprise web applications or medium-to-large, consumer-facing websites are typically built by teams of engineers, administrators, web developers, and other professionals. However, once a site goes live, the operations team is responsible for keeping the site up and running at optimal performance. Online users aren’t forgiving, often abandoning a site as soon as they encounter

3 useful design patterns every developer should kn...

[ad_1] The term “Design Pattern” describes a well-known and battle-tested solution to a problem that developers tend to encounter again and again when developing software. Design patterns are conceptual and can be implemented in any programming language. Design patterns generally fit into one of the following three different categories depending on the problem they address:

5 times domains have been hijacked

[ad_1] It’s a common belief that once we purchase a domain, it’ll be ours for as long as we like. Big mistake. Mainly because there are genuine threats to your domain online that mostly go unthought of. For example, hackers can gain access to your system and take your domain for ransom or cause malicious

Shiny, new CSS features to get to know

[ad_1] Ever since I started to learn how to code, CSS has excited me. As a very visually rewarding style sheet language, it has always been an instantly gratifying language to work with. The CSS landscape at the moment is ever-changing. There are many new features that have been released recently, so I thought I’d

How to quickly and easily increase page speed on y...

[ad_1] Page speed is one of the most important factors in judging the performance of an individual webpage. This is a performance evaluation that is made not just by the user visiting your website, but by search engines as well. In recent years, consumers have come to expect virtually instantaneous results from their devices, and

Web Performance of the World’s Top 50 Blogs

[ad_1] By: Rachel Frnka Am I the only one who thinks blogs were in their prime in the mid-2010s, before the internet began consuming content at wicked fast rates (thanks, Instagram and TikTok)? When someone says the word blog, I think of the chokehold 2015 southern American female fashion bloggers had on the internet. Pure

Why everyone should be using a website monitoring ...

[ad_1] It’s easy for us to cruise the net, not really thinking of anything other than exactly what we’re hoping to achieve whether it’s making a payment via online banking or buying a new laptop on Black Friday. But we forget that there’s a whole system working in the background of each and every website,

What to expect from Black Friday 2021

[ad_1] I know what you’re thinking, it can’t possibly be that time again. But yes, yes it is, Black Friday once again has come around quicker than Usain Bolt on a running track. After the year we’ve had with the Covid-19 pandemic, Black Friday is set to look slightly different again this year.  When is

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Down for Over Fi...

[ad_1] Did you unconsciously open Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp several times throughout the day on Monday, only to get a “Couldn’t refresh feed” message? Did you try again every 20 or so minutes? Did you maybe even restart your phone, not once thinking websites as large as Facebook could possibly go down and believing it

Serving multiple SSL certificates in your Go test...

[ad_1] Over the past few months, I’ve been redesigning and writing Scopify’s SSL monitoring feature from Node to Go. This blog post describes one of the more subtle challenges we came across to help you master it if you find yourself with it too! Writing a Go client that fetches an SSL certificate isn’t a