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How to Optimize Your WordPress Site With Scopify R...

[ad_1] Learn how to capture insights from the end user down to the application To keep their applications and websites available and accessible, today’s businesses put a lot of emphasis on infrastructure monitoring to ensure their servers are healthy and running. Amid the hustle, many companies overlook the need to monitor a different aspect of

Website downtime in 2021 – Scopify Blog

[ad_1] 2021 saw some of the biggest websites on the internet experience outages that rippled across the globe. If you thought that “large” companies couldn’t experience website downtime, unfortunately, you were wrong. Website downtime can happen to any website, small, medium, or large, and it can happen when you least expect it. Thinking that the

Optimum page speed for your website & how to ...

[ad_1] Website page speed has become more important than ever, especially now Google’s Core Web Vitals are pushing mobile-first and penalising websites it deems to be “too slow”. This means that there is a direct link between slow page speed and lower SEO rankings, and therefore potentially, less traffic to your website. It’s not just

The differences between SQL and NoSQL

[ad_1] Overview Choosing the right method to store your data can be a critical decision early in the development process. When deciding on which type of database to choose for your project it really comes down to the data structure you wish to use rather than the specific product or provider. In this blog post,

How website downtime affects your brand

[ad_1] Website downtime happens to the best of us, even the likes of mammoth websites like Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter all experience it. Luckily for these big companies, they’re so established and have such a huge customer base that downtime is unlikely to make them lose a large proportion of them. It will, however, cost

The DRY Principle: What is it and how to apply it

[ad_1] Overview There is a common saying in the software development field: “Repetition is the root of all software evil.” The more you repeat yourself in code, the more likely you are to make mistakes or cause yourself issues down the line when you come to update things. The aim is to keep things DRY!

When technology goes wrong: Tesla’s outage c...

[ad_1] You’d be right to think that Tesla’s technology surely wouldn’t go wrong, especially with the huge amounts of media coverage it gets. But in 2021, Tesla suffered a few awkward technological faults.  You may have read that Tesla went offline which lead to customers around the world reporting issues around gaining access to their

Visual Studio 2019+ Regex Features

[ad_1] Whether you’ve never heard of regex before, or use it in your code all the time, one thing is almost certain…it is not that easy to read! Case in point: /^#?([a-f0-9]{6}|[a-f0-9]{3})$/ Thankfully the Visual Studio team at Microsoft have included several handy features inside the code editor to help using regex a little less

SolarWinds THWACKcamp 2022: A Decade of Learning

[ad_1] This year marks the 10th THWACKcamp. For the uninitiated, THWACKcamp is a 100% free virtual event open to all IT professionals. How I Got Here For anyone unaware, prior to working for SolarWinds, I was a customer. I spent a portion of each day working with the portfolio of products to keep on top

Spotting opportunities to write your own dev tools

[ad_1] Overview For the last few months at work, I’ve been involved in quite a lot of data analysis work. Using monitoring tools such as Splunk the business has identified that a small portion of web and mobile users trying to access certain parts of their account details have been getting either extremely slow responses,