5 hacks to maximise your website’s potential

There are reportedly over 1.7 billion websites, making it almost impossible for yours to stand out unless your name is Jeff Bezos and you started a little-known company called Amazon. That’s why, when our customers asked us what we would suggest to help their website perform better, we thought we’d whip together 8 quick and

Solving Code Katas Using Test Driven Development (...

Test driven development is a development process in which you write your unit tests before you write your implementation.  The process looks like this  Write a failing unit test. The test should be written in a way that describes what your code should be doing. Write just enough code to make the test pass. At

How does website design and content affect engagem...

The aim of your website is obviously to get potential customers to engage with it as much as possible, and ultimately, make a purchase. But as we well know, it isn’t as simple as someone landing on your website and instantly converting. 9 times out of 10, there’s a whole sequence of actions that take

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