We have to admit that customers and brands alike are able to put a good spin on website downtime and social media managers are undoubtedly having all their Christmases arrive at once! We’ve found some of the most reactions to website downtime online, albeit the majority are from the notorious Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp downtime experienced globally.

Feel free to actually LOL. 

When Instagram and Facebook experienced downtime

It’s safe to say that a common theme for people expressing their thoughts on this downtime on Twitter was using Squid Game memes.

Twitter’s famous Tweet

Twitter went viral for all the right reasons when its rival social media platforms with a simple yet genius Tweet below:

This one Tweet became one of their best performing Tweets ever and got some other world-famous companies involved, ironically including Instagram!

An unlikely brand to get involved in the Facebook downtime is Mercedes! The F1 Twitter account posted this hilarity. We can’t help wondering if it was Max Verstappen behind this one.

Universal Studios Hollywood smashed it by sneakily making it about themselves. Everyone loves Gru, don’t they?

It’s unusual for companies to take such a damaging experience like website downtime and manage to put a positive spin on it. With Instagram suffering from its app being down and jumping on Twitter, it shows that they’re able to turn this incident on its head and at least engage with some of its users.

What is the impact of website downtime?

Well ultimately, it’s not just Facebook and Instagram as companies that are affected, all of the companies that rely on ads on those platforms will also suffer revenue loss. And we’re talking millions upon millions of dollars even for a few minutes of website downtime.

What causes website downtime?

Facebook and Instagram have suffered from multiple outages over the past 12 months and people are starting to question if they’re going to manage to get a hold of whatever issue is causing this to happen so regularly. In general, website downtime can be caused from many different things including server issues, page load issues, human error, network outages and more.

Maybe Facebook and Instagram should use Scopify’s website monitoring solution? 😉

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